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Members Club

What is a Members Club?


We want to be close to those who are close to our philosophy. Just as Lava e Sal is not only a brand, Members Club is not only a loyalty system. It is a special environment of places and people forming the community of Lava e Sal. Be with us, experience our places using our offer, and we will guarantee even more convenient conditions for you to feel special with us.


What are the benefits of membership in the Members Club?


Membership in the Members Club is primarily an access to exclusive offers addressed exclusively to our club members via a newsletter. It is also a priority for participation in discount programs and campaigns (both in stationary and online stores) before they reach a wide audience. This significantly increases the freedom of choice resulting from the availability of a limited number of products. Membership is finally a priority of booking services from our surgical offer, as well as exclusive information about direct meetings with the author of the LeS philosophy – Kasia Sokołowska, giving the opportunity to share common experiences.


How to become a member of our Members Club?


It is easy, just be with us. When visiting one of our locations and using the treatment menu, leave us your contact details. Immerse yourself in the experiences of the flesh and soul, enjoy the mystical and intimate atmosphere of Lava e Sal, build with us the harmony of spiritual and bodily balance. The experience gained during subsequent visits will open the doors of the Members Club. Please ask for details on your next visit.