We recommend booking before arriving at the hotel to avoid disappointment due to unavailability.
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Book the treatment on-line:
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Philosophy of Balance

Our inspiration is a return to harmony and an inner consensus on our two natures and needs.
On the one hand, it is Salt as a symbol of purification of the body and mind, detoxification, bath, and spirituality.
On the other hand, Lava symbolizes regeneration, sensuality, sexuality, awareness, and self-acceptance.
Our original rituals are a journey we will take you on: SAL – it will cleanse and prepare you for the journey and stimulate your imagination. LAVA – warms up, gives energy, and satisfies the senses. You will find harmony in the WATSU ritual, through which a guide-therapist will guide you. You will feel the healing power of water and the self-healing power of your own body.
We also believe in the therapeutic power of superior design and art that surrounds us.
Our interiors are to be a soothing oasis, and treatments an exciting journey.
We believe in the power of sound and smell.
Our philosophy is to find a balance between what is “outside” and what is “inside”.
You cannot escape, but you can rest, give yourself time… and pleasure.

Watsu Zone

In the Watsu Zone you can use the climatic whirlpool with hydromassage, a dry sauna with a view of the fireplace and a relaxation room.


In this zone, you not only experience the beneficial rituals of the watsu, but you can relax after or before the treatment.


The zone is available for people over 16 years of age.


*When booking treatments over 45 minutes, the Watsu Zone is available free of charge.

*the cost of one-time access to the Watsu Zone is PLN 75

Watsu Zone


Asenso Finnish sauna is more than a sauna. Minimalist design, unprecedented for the Finnish sauna, the view of the fireplace and the enveloping warmth. Sauna temperature up to 90 degrees Celsius will take care of the body and well-being before spa treatments.



We trust that every journey should begin with a cleansing of the body and mind. Modern interior, marble table, antique ritual, where we use beldi soap, kessa glove or various coloured mud. The perfect combination to start your journey into our world of Lava e Sal alone or as a duo.


Mud bath

We propose to start the purification ritual with a clay ceremony, i.e., a session in a steam bath preceded by an anointing of the body with various coloured clays. The ritual combines a body care treatment but is also an interesting way to spend time together.

Mud bath

Lava spot

Multifunctional room for yoga, meditation, sound therapy. An ideal space for organizing trainings and thematic events.

Lava spot

Lounge area

It is a place where you can rest after or before treatments. Fireplace, mesmerizing music, warm armchairs using beneficial infrared effects will all soothe your well-being.

The zone is available from the age of 16.

Lounge area


In our store you will find originally designed ceramics and textiles. Amphorae, pitchers, candles, and ceremonial sets are originally designed, hand-baked ceramics.


Lava e Sal etiquette


In order to ensure your comfort during your visit to Lava e Sal, we recommend coming to the spa 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time of the treatment. In the meantime, we will serve tea and a questionnaire, on the basis of which we will select a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

If you arrive late, the treatment can be shortened without the possibility of lowering its price.


We recommend that you book your treatments before you arrive at the hotel to avoid disappointment due to non-availability of appointments.

Make your appointment:
call: +48 ‭89 722 89 65
send an e-mail: spa@lavaesal.spa



The Watsu zone can be used by people over 16 years of age.

Treatments for children aged 8–13 years are performed in the presence of legal guardians.

Lava e Sal does not perform treatments for children under 8 years of age, except for a unique offer addressed to the youngest.


Before the procedure, please complete a confidential questionnaire on health and lifestyle.
During the consultation with the therapist, please inform him/her of any ailments and health problems in order to select an appropriate treatment plan.


We understand that plans may change, so to cancel your reservation costless, please inform us 12 hours before the start of the procedure.

If the procedure is cancelled 12 hours or less before the planned visit, the reception of Lava e Sal reserves the right to charge the guest’s bill in the amount of 50% of the value of the procedure.


When booking treatments, please provide the necessary information regarding pregnancy so that we can choose the appropriate treatment plan.


Please come to the spa in a bathrobe, which you can find in the hotel room.

In case you are from outside the hotel, the Lava e Sal reception will prepare treatment slippers and a bathrobe for you, as well as provide all the necessary information regarding the preparation for the procedure.

We recommend that you come to the treatment without jewellery. Otherwise, you will be asked to take it off.


  • To take full advantage of the Lava e Sal rituals, leave your mobile phone in your room or locker room. Our spa is prohibited from using them and loud conversations.
  • Smoking, bringing and consuming food, alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited in the Lava e Sal Spa area.
  • In order to respect other guests, please be quiet and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Use the Finnish sauna and Lava Spot according to the instructions.


A voucher is an unlimited opportunity to experience the rituals of Lava e Sal.
Choose the amount or treatment from our offer and make a unique gift to loved ones, colleagues, or business partners.

For details, please contact the reception of Lava e Sal.

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