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Watsu Zone

What is Watsu Therapy?


The term Watsu comes from the words ‘water’ and ‘shiatsu’. Shiatsu is a type of traditional Japanese massage that uses acupressure to relax tense areas of the body. The creator of Watsu therapy was Harold Dull, who combined shiatsu with an aquatic environment. This combination has resulted in a holistic therapy with beneficial properties for body and mind.


Watsu therapy takes place in a pool with a temperature close to the body temperature, i.e., about 35 degrees. The therapist is always present in the water, guiding your body in a specific way. What you can experience is gentle twisting, stretching, and massaging of tight points in the body. The whole ritual takes place in safe conditions even for people who cannot swim, because your head, arms and legs float on the water thanks to the use of appropriate equipment.


Watsu therapy is a holistic ritual combining various techniques and methods of working with the body, i.e., stretching, meditation, sound therapy, work on trigger points and tight muscles. The relaxing form of passive therapy releases all the tensions in the body caused by chronic stress, agitation, fatigue, and muscle pain.


Watsu is the ideal form of therapy for people struggling with sleep disorders, chronic stress, tension in the body, mobility disorders, back pain, depression, and neurological problems. In addition, it is a safe form of movement and relaxation during pregnancy, after pregnancy and for young children.


In the Watsu Zone you can use the climatic whirlpool with hydromassage, a dry sauna with a view of the fireplace and a relaxation room.

In this zone, you not only experience the beneficial rituals of the watsu, but you can relax after or before the treatment. The zone is available for people over 16 years of age.

one-time access
price: 75,00 zł*

* when booking treatments over 45 minutes Watsu Zone is available free of charge.

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